Making the planet greener through excellence in engineering!

TerGeo AB is set to do our best to contribute as much as possible to produce sweet-water, primarily irrigation and drinking water, making the world greener, to reverse the deforestation and to contribute with negative CO2.

Our visionary agenda relies on the engineering and product development team to turn a sketch on the drawing board into a great product. The scope of expertise is as wide as the depth of the knowledge.

Why now and why TerGeo

  • TerGeo has developed a technology for producing water that requires little maintenance with the usage of local, renewable energy sources only.
  • TerGeo has the goal to being able to produce 1 m3 for less than < 1 $ in average. A price considerably lower than the average price on the market.
  • By using renewable energy sources only, the solution is detached from the fluctuation of energy- and fossil fuel prices.

The Management

Ulf Harderup - MD
M.Sc. Mechanical engineering at Lund University, Sweden, MBA Universitad de Barcelona
Experienced Director with a demonstrated history of working internationally in the maritime industry. Versatile sales, marketing and operations leader & staff manager.
Bengt Sundén - Chairman
Professor Emeritus and Senior Professor at Lund University, Sweden
He has published about 600 papers in well-established and highly ranked scientific journals. In addition, more than 400 papers have been presented and published at international conferences. He has edited 30+books and authored four major textbooks in heat transfer. The h-index is 51 and the number of citations is more than 12000. The research concerns basic and applied topics in thermal-fluid sciences.